From 1st October 2019, Coles, Wesfarmers and a number of other merchants have started rolling out software changes to update transaction routing capabilities on their EFTPOS machines, where contactless payments are accepted. This software change will affect your Visa payWave debit card transactions.

What is changing, and how does it affect you?

When you tap to pay with your Visa debit card, the EFTPOS machine will automatically process the payments via rules set by each merchant. With some merchants (such as Coles) the transactions will flow via the EFTPOS network instead of the Visa network. This may potentially impact your number of fee free transactions and for some Members, exceed your 12 monthly fee-free debit transactions.

To avoid unnecessary excess transaction fees, simply insert your Visa debit card into the EFTPOS machine and select 'Credit' and enter your pin. Your payments will be processed via the Visa network and will not be counted as an EFTPOS transaction.

Need help?

If you need to speak to someone about the changes, or if there are any concerns with your transaction fees, please call Transport Mutual on 02 8202 8555 to speak to one of our friendly staff.