Credit card debt can get to the worst of us sometimes. Here are 4 awesome hacks that you can use to save money and maximise rewards with your credit card!

1. Set a monthly budget

Before signing up for a credit card, it is a good idea to know what you are able to afford and spend within your means. By creating a monthly budget, you are able to manage and organise your expenses to ensure you stay within your credit limit and don’t run the risk of accumulating higher credit debt!

2. Pay more than the minimum repayment

When the time comes to make your credit card repayment, pay more than the minimum! This will help you stay on top of your finances in the long run.

3. Understand cash advance transactions 

A cash advance transaction occurs when cash is withdrawn from a credit card account. A transaction fee is usually charged, as well as interest from the date the cash is withdrawn until it is paid back in full. This can often increase your credit card bill, so be weary!

4. Take out a Credit Card Crusher loan with TMCU!

If you still have some remaining credit debt, our Credit Card Crusher is here to help! The Credit Card Crusher is a unique personal loan, designed to help you take control of your credit card debt. Apply today using the link below:

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