Moving house can be a stressful time requiring careful planning and preparation leading up to moving day. Our easy to follow checklist will guide you through some of the common things to do before you close that front door for the last time and keep your stress levels down.

Let the right people know

  • Update your mailing address and arrange a mail redirection to your new address to ensure you don’t miss out on any important mail
  • Disconnect electricity, gas, water ,phone, internet and arrange to have them set up in your new home
  • Update address on drivers licence, Medicare, electoral roll, subscriptions, bank statements including credit cards
  • Let friends and family know where your new home is.

Book a removalist service

  • Hire a removalist service well in advance to ensure your moving date is locked in
  • Arrange a skip bin to dispose of rubbish and unwanted items

Consolidate and Pack

  • Obtain a supply of moving boxes ahead of the big day including packing tape, bubble wrap, labels, marker pens and old newspapers.
  • Label the packing boxes with the room the box is intended for to speed up the unpacking process
  • Prepare appliances for moving

Clear your calendar

  • Clear your schedule for a few days after moving in day
  • Schedule some time off work to assist with the unpacking and settling in process

Organise Insurance

  • Organise home and contents insurance for your new place

Moving Day Backup Plan

  • It’s ‘Moving Day’ and the preparation steps above should have you well on your way to a stress free day.
  • Have a backup plan for any unexpected surprises.
  • Designate a place to stay if things don’t go according to plan and consider having secondary transportation for backup in case removalist truck breaks down.
  • Stay hydrated and ensure you have lots of snacks on hand will help the day run smoothly.

We hope our moving house checklist helps make your moving day as stress free as possible.