Protecting Your Super legislation

 The ‘Protecting Your Super’ legislation came into effect on 1 July 2019 and is designed to protect people’s super balances. The three main changes are:

Insurance in super – if you have an inactive super account, defined as an account where you have made no contributions in the last 16 months, your insurance will be cancelled unless you take action. You can retain your insurance by contacting your super fund and ‘opting-in’ to retain your insurance or having a contribution made into your account every 16 months.

Low super balances – if your super account balance is under $6,000 there is a cap placed on fees, limiting them to no more than 3% per year. Also, if you have an ‘inactive low balance’ account, the Australian Taxation Office is now responsible, where possible, for consolidating this money with your active super account. An inactive low balance account is broadly defined as an account with a balance of under $6,000 where no activity has occurred in the last 16 months. This includes where no contributions have been made to the account in the last 16 months and where there is no active insurance on the account. Other new definitions apply.

Exit fees – when you exit a super fund you will no longer be charged an exit fee.