Our Travel Tips

  1. Check the latest travel advice on SmartTraveller.gov.au & Subscribe to receive updates or follow SmartTraveller on social media.
  2. Take out comprehensive travel insurance. Ensure it covers you for the places you'll visit, things you'll do and any pre-existing conditions.
  3. Review your financial arrangements. Do you need finance, or even an extra buffer for unexpected expenses while overseas?  Transport Mutual can arrange a line of credit for exactly that purpose.
  4. Check the expiry date of your passport before you travel. Some countries won't let you enter unless your passport is valid for six months from when you plan to leave that country.
  5. Ask health professionals about recommended vaccinations and other health precautions. Vaccinations can be an entry requirement for some countries. Check your medication – certain medicines aren't allowed in some countries.
  6. Make sure you have the right visas for the countries you are visiting or transiting and check other entry or exit requirements.
  7. Check if you're regarded as a national of the country you plan to visit, and whether dual nationality will have any implications for your travel plans.
  8. Make copies of your passport, visas and insurance policy. Carry them in a separate place to the originals and leave a copy with someone at home.
  9. Risks are often greater overseas. Be careful and don't take any risks you wouldn't consider at home.
  10. Obey the laws of the country you're visiting even if these appear harsh or unfair by Australian standards. Don't expect to be treated differently from locals just because you're Australian.
  11. Keep in contact with friends and family back home. Give them a copy of your itinerary before you go so they know where you are. Let them know if you won't be contactable for an extended
  12. Don’t forget to let Transport Mutual (and any other financial institutions) know about your travel plans so that we can ensure your card transactions will not be blocked unnecessarily.