How would you or your family cope if your family home and contents were lost? Our Home Building and Contents Insurance protects yours home and contents against a range of events including; fire, theft, vandalism, liquid damage, storm damage and more.

Selecting the right insurance is not simply a matter of choosing a contract to suit the value of the items insured. You need to consider the type of cover you require. We offer a choice of two insurance policies so you can rest easily at night, secure in the knowledge that your property and possessions are safely insured.

Significant features and benefits include:

  • 24 hour emergency 'Home Support' hotline
  • A choice of Accidental Damage or Listed Events cover
  • New for old cover for contents
  • Optional new for old cover for buildings
  • $20 million liability insurance Australia-wide (worldwide for 90 consecutive days)
  • Valuable items are covered under contents
  • No loss sharing penalty for under insurance
  • Pay-by-the-month installment option

Listed Events cover provides protection against events such as fire, lightning, earthquake, burglary, explosion, storm damage and even a vehicle running into your house.

Blue Ribbon Accidental Damage cover protects your property against a vastly broader range of risks for any accidental damage or accidental loss and can provide you with a higher degree of peace of mind.