Landlords Residential Property Insurance covers flats, units, apartments and houses which are leased or rented to tenants.

Many insurance policies give you a list of the events you are covered for, however we offer Accidental Damage cover to protect your property against a broader range of events.

Instead of a long list of acceptable risks, you will find a short list of events and mishaps which are not covered. So if something happens and it's not on the list of exclusions, you know you're covered. When you think of the extraordinary and unlikely accidents that can happen, the value of Accidental Damage cover will become very clear.

You secure the insurance cover you require by selecting from the extensive range of covers and options we offer with this policy.

You can choose cover for:

  • Replacement benefit for building
  • New for old cover for most contents up to 15 years
  • Loss of rent
  • Rent default and theft by a tenant
  • Legal liability ($5, $10, $15 or $20 million)
  • Workers' compensation in WA, Tasmania and NT
  • 21 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy-Pay monthly instalments option