Transport Mutual Credit Union and PassportCard are working together to offer travel insurance with less paperwork and instant payouts for approved claims.

How it works

As long as you’ve packed your PassportCard, you’re ready for when “it” happens. From street food surprises to unexpected monkey bites and the dreaded delayed luggage, PassportCard has got you covered. Get instant payouts on approved claims, anytime, anywhere*. It’s the way insurance should be – quick, simple and hassle-free.

Medical issue overseas

Need a doctor? In pain and not sure what to do? Passport Card’s 24/7 Global Assistance team can direct you to the nearest pharmacy, hospital or doctor and load the PassportCard with funds to cover your medical costs.

Delayed luggage

When your luggage isn’t where you are, it’s hard to begin your holiday. You can get up to $250 to the PassportCard to buy emergency essentials.

Stolen cash

No cash, no holiday! You can get up to $500 on the PassportCard to help you until you work out details with your bank.

Call the PassportCard team any time for a quick solution and if your claim is approved, funds are instantly transferred to the PassportCard. You will then receive an activation PIN to your mobile phone.

Why choose PassportCard?

What else does PassportCard provide cover for?

PassportCard travel insurance can also come in handy in a range of other scenarios that could happen while you’re away. Here are some of the other things our travel insurance can provide protection for:

Trip Cancellation

In case you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly

Lost Luggage

Cash to cover costs if your bags are lost

Travel Delays

If you need to pay for accommodation because of a travel delay

Dental Emergencies

If you need immediate treatment while you are travelling

*All benefits and covers are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions listed in the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement and on other policy documentation, including the schedule.

For more information about the policy

Combined PDS/FSG
Target market determination (TMD) – International Travel
Target market determination (TMD) – Domestic Travel
The PassportCard Terms & Conditions

PassportCard Australia Pty Ltd (PassportCard) ABN 76 621 476 220 (AFSL 551 057) is an Underwriting Agency acting under Binder from Guild Insurance Limited (Guild) ABN 55 004 538 863 (AFSL 233 791). Any advice provided by PassportCard in relation to PassportCard products and the PassportCard is general advice only. Please consider the Combined Financial Services Guide & Product Disclosure Statement and the PassportCard Terms and Conditions (available at before deciding whether they are suitable for you.