Here are the faces of your Credit Union...




Anthony J. Dann

Position: Chair
Qualifications: BEc, CPA, MAcc, MAMI, AFIAA
Experience: 13 Years
Responsibilities: Director, Board Chair, Board Risk Committee Member


Deputy Chair

Vincent E. Taranto

Position: Deputy Chair
Qualifications: BSc, DipTCP, MAMI
Experience: 21 Years
Responsibilities: Director, Deputy Chair, Product Innovation Committee Chair



Meredyth-Ann Williams

Position: Director
Qualifications: DipTeach, B.A (Hons)(Psych), Dip Clin Hyp, MAMI
Experience: 14 Years
Responsibilities: Director, Board Audit Committee Deputy Chair, Board Risk Committee Deputy Chair

Jacqui McDonald

Position: Director
Qualifications: MAMI
Experience: 11 Years
Responsibilities: Director, Board Audit Committee Chair, Whistleblowing Complaints Officer

Clement Siu

Position: Director
Qualifications: B.Com, CPA, MAMI
Experience: 9 Years
Responsibilities: Director, Board Risk Committee Chair, Board Audit Committee Member, Product Innovation Committee Member

Philip Mortimer

Position: Director
Qualifications: M.I.A.M.E, JP, MAMI
Experience: 6 Years
Responsibilities: Director

Robert Picone

Position: Director
Qualifications: CertCivEng, FAITPM, MAMI
Experience: 1 Year
Responsibilities: Director




John Kavalieros

Position: Chief Executive
Qualifications: DipFS, FAMI, AIM
Experience: 23 Years
Responsibilities: Chief Executive, Company Secretary

Kathy Loutas

Position: Finance Manager
Qualifications: FIPA, MAMI
Experience: 26 Years
Responsibilities: Finance Manager, Product Innovation Committee Member



Operations Supervisor
Senior Operations Officer
Loans & I.T Officer
Accounts Officer
Branch Administrator