Would you like a greener alternative for receiving your account statements? Like the idea of no more paper wastage, no physical filing of paper statements? You can change to eStatements today. Instead of receiving paper Statements, you now have the option to receive your statements electronically (eStatements), accessible from with MVP (Internet Banking).

Here’s how it works. When a statement is ready to be viewed (which you can also print or save, if you wish), a notification is sent to your registered email address to let you know it’s there and ready to view within MVP. It’s fast, reliable and you no longer have to wait for your paper statement to arrive in the mail.

  • Convenience:  You have the ability to view your statements anywhere, anytime, if  you have access to the internet and can sign in to MVP.
  • Environmentally friendly:  Choosing eStatements eliminates the need to produce paper statements, and essentially has a positive impact on the environment.
  • Security:  There is no need to be concerned about lost and stolen mail, as eStatements are delivered electronically into the secure MVP environment. This offers additional protection from potential identity theft, over traditional paper statements.
  • Fast online delivery: Gain immediate access to your account statements, as they become available.  No more waiting for the postman.
  • Less clutter:  Reduce clutter by storing your statements electronically.

You will need to be registered for MVP to change your statement preference to eStatements. Then all you need to do is follow the easy step by step procedure listed below:

Sign in to MVP internet banking from www.transportmutual.com.au.

Once signed in, on the left hand side menu, click on “eStatements”.

The eStatements registration page should be displayed.

Read and accept the eStatements terms and conditions, and acknowledge acceptance by ticking the check box, & then click on “Activate eStatements”.

The next screen should advise you that eStatement registration was successful and an email to confirm this will be sent to your registered email address.

To ensure all eStatement notifications are received by you, it is important that the email address you use is valid. Refer to “How to update your email address?” below.

Under the eStatement menu, click on “View eStatements”.

You should now see a list of available eStatements, you can select to “View” (Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view eStatements). Once an eStatement is viewed, you also have the option to print and/or save the statement.

It is important to always notify the Credit Union when you change your email address, for security reasons, and so that we can let you know when eStatements are available. You can update your email address easily by logging in to MVP, following the simple steps below:

  1. Login to MVP
  2. On the left hand side menu, click on “Maintenance” then click on “Change Address”.
  3. Then under heading “Personal Details” type in your new email address in the email address field.
  4. Then at the bottom of the screen, click on “Submit”.
  5. Your email address has now been updated and the Credit Union has been notified.

Once you are receiving eStatements, you can de-register and revert back to receiving paper statements, at any time, via the left hand menu, and eStatements option within MVP.