In recent times we have seen the first few baby steps taken towards a sustainable motoring industry. Early participants such as Toyota and Tesla demonstrated that hybrid and fully electric vehicles could command a small market niche with exciting potential for expansion. In the years since, electric vehicles (EV’s) have become decidedly more mainstream, with the arrival of the Nissan Leaf and the recently released Hyundai Ioniq leading the way as a range of other manufacturers commit to supporting the sector with models of their own including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electric offerings coming to market. At the same time, new networks of roadside charging stations are being rolled out by private firms and motoring organisations extending the reach of EV’s ever further.

While this has been underway the climate change debate has driven political and social momentum towards support for the transition from non-renewable to renewable energy options.Couple that with rising power costs, concerns over local pollution and the growth of sustainable power alternatives such as solar capture and battery storage and you have a real appetite building for a new look at energy that is closely linked to how we each move from point A to point B.

At Transport Mutual we have decided to commit to playing our part in this transition by releasing a number of products aimed at supporting the growth in electric vehicles and related sustainable energy.

Our GreenRoad Loan is a secured personal loan for any combination of electric or hybrid vehicle, solar panels or battery storage. 

We are very excited to roll out the GreenRoad and welcome your interest and support. The GreenRoad is now available and you can stay up to date on developments by visiting or by checking out our facebook page at We look forward to the journey with you. 

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