By locking in your interest rate with our fixed rate home loan, you get the certainty of knowing exactly what repayments will be no matter what happens with interest rates. Our fixed Home Loans come with a competitive rate and can be fix over 1 or 2 years. 


With a fixed rate the interest rate you'll pay on the loan is locked in or 'fixed' for a period of a year

  • No monthly account keeping fees
  • 100% Savings Offset facility
  • No redraw fee
  • 7.69%p.a. Interest rate
  • 8.62%p.a.
    Comparison rate
  • 7.89%p.a. Interest rate
  • 8.56%p.a.
    Comparison rate
  • 8.19%p.a. Interest rate
  • 8.67%p.a.
    Comparison rate
  • 8.44%p.a. Interest rate
  • 8.68%p.a.
    Comparison rate
  • 7.94%p.a. Interest rate
  • 8.65%p.a.
    Comparison rate
  • 8.19%p.a. Interest rate
  • 8.63%p.a.
    Comparison rate

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