Important changes regarding Cash withdrawals from rediATM's

Transport Mutual Members now have access to a large network of approximately 10,000 ATMs nationwide without any direct charge fees.   These include the Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Westpac and the ANZ, and a number of second tier banks such as St George, Bank of Melbourne and Suncorp Bank.  
As more Members have become aware of these changes, the number of withdrawals from rediATM's has continued to decline.  As a result, the original benefit of being part of the fee-free rediATM network has effectively disappeared, so we have decided to exit from the rediATM network effective 31st March 2019.  
After that date, any cash withdrawal by Members from a rediATM may incur a direct charge fee from the operator of the rediATM network.  Please note that rediATM's will notify you of any direct charge prior to the transaction, so you can choose to cancel and use a direct charge fee-free ATM instead should you prefer.
We encourage Members to continue to use the ATMs of the banks listed below to avoid unnecessary direct charge fees after 31st March 2019. 

Direct Charge Fee-Free ATM's include:

  • ANZ
  • Bank Of South Australia
  • Bank Of Melbourne
  • Bank of Queensland
  • NAB
  • St George 
  • Westpac
  • Bankwest
  • CommBank
  • Heritage Bank
  • Suncorp

What other options are available?

  • Direct Charge Fee Free cash out is available at supermarkets and participating retailers with your purchases subject to your monthly TMCU transaction limits
  • Direct Charge Fee Free withdrawals are available at 4,400 Australia Post outlets which offer Bank@post services subject to your monthly TMCU transaction limits

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