As an organisation owned by its members, we have a long tradition of supporting members through uncertain times. Whether it is a bushfire, a flood, a drought or now a virus, we have done this for more than 55 years and will continue to do so, as we face this current challenge together. In uncertain times, you can be absolutely certain about our support for you and your family.

The health and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic continue to unfold, and Transport Mutual continues to closely monitor and respond to any developments. As previously advised our team is working remotely wherever possible, in keeping with the need to maintain social distancing for the health of the broader community. Our office is well stocked with personal protective equipment for those who attend the premises. Board and staff meetings are successfully being held electronically and we are happy with the high level of service we are delivering to members as we all adapt to the changing circumstances.

We understand that at this time, some of our members' financial needs may be changing, and so today we want to let you know of additional support options that you can access as a TMCU member. We are committed to supporting you through these difficult days, with a package of support options open to members such as a pause on repayments for those experiencing financial stress due to the impact of COVID-19.

As a Transport Mutual member, you can access a tailored package of support options right now:

Home loans and personal loans

Members facing financial difficulties due to impacts of COVID-19 may pause repayments for up to six months, with a check-in review after three months. This is aimed at reducing the immediate stress members may face as the virus impacts business and the broader economy.
Members may also redraw on any advance they have on their loan facilities, or improve their cash flow by reducing repayments to something more manageable right now, simply by getting in touch with the TMCU team via

General banking

To ease the stress of worrying about fees, Transport Mutual has made the following changes, effective immediately:

• Members can access funds in any term deposit without penalty for breaking the term early.
• Direct debit and other payment dishonour fees will be waived and absorbed by the Credit Union
• Arrears processing fees will be waived by the Credit Union

Reach out

Contact us for a discussion of your own needs via:

Email –

Phone – 02 8202 8555 (press 0)

Facebook - @TransportMutual 

Remember, Transport Mutual is always here for you, so don’t hesitate to be in touch. We’re all in this together.