Need to send money via a Draft?

A Draft is a company cheque made out to your nominated recipient in a specified single currency. It’s another way for you to make payments and settle a transaction overseas.

Drafts are convenient if you do not have the recipient’s electronic bank account details.

Potential benefits to you:

  • Send a Draft via mail

  • Drafts are available in more than 24 different currencies

When might I use a Draft?

  • When you don’t know the recipient’s bank account details

  • When you’re sending a small amount of money

  • When you want to send a payment by mail with a letter, card or invoice

Things to note:

  • Drafts are non-negotiable and can only be credited to the beneficiary’s bank account (unless the beneficiary has endorsed the Draft in favour of another payee).

  • In certain circumstances, Drafts can be stopped if missing in transit. Western Union Business Solutions may be able to place a stop on the Draft and issue a replacement. Conditions apply.

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